The LIE of the “magic button

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Every week I get emails from new members asking “What does it take to be successful with the system?”

When I refer them back to the training with the message “just follow the steps,” I think a percentage of them are disappointed.

I’ve been in this game long enough to read between the lines to their true question, which is:

“What magic button do I have to click on just one time and then never, ever touch again in order to have tens-of-thousands of dollars deposited into my bank account every week?”

It’s disturbing to see that 95% of people… especially people who are struggling financially… still believe/hope/pray/plead for that one magic solution that will make them rich without any effort whatsoever.

Any hint of “work” being involved and they’re suddenly not interested.

They’ll waste years, if not decades, of their life and countless thousands of dollars on the latest gimmick or fad.

Yet, when I tell them to spend money on traffic to increase their sales, I get “I don’t have any money for traffic.  Isn’t there a free way to advertise and make millions?”

Here’s the simple truth:  If you keep doing what you’ve always done then you’ll continue to have the life you’ve got.

So STOP doing things YOUR way… and start following what the 5% who get things done and make money do.

To become financially free takes some effort.  With D.A. you can eliminate the years of trial and error and shortcut the time it takes… but you’ve still got to hike up the mountain.

Countless millions look to Bill Gates and say “if only I had his billions.”  Yet, Bill Gates famously said “From the time I was 20 until my 30th birthday I didn’t take one day off.  Not ONE.”

Most people aren’t willing to pay that price.

But when you adapt the habits of successful people who have what you want, you’ll notice a dramatic shift in your life.

Things get easier.

“Work” becomes more fun… even to the point of not feeling like work.

The more success you have, regardless of how small, the easier it its to leave behind your negative habits and beliefs of the past.

You can feel yourself achieving progress…

Change happens faster and success starts to magnify.

The majority of the world will never see the view from the top of Mt. Everest because they say the path is “too hard.”

In reality, all it takes is one step.

Then another.

Then another.

And before you know if you’re at the top.

So stop looking for the “magic button” to success and simply focus on taking the next step right in front of you.

They’re laid out inside your Digital Altitude Membership.


See you at the top,


Michael Force




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Taking it to the top with over $1,000,000 in sales!


Congrats Ankur you and your team are crushing it! Can’t wait to see what the next milestone you hit will be.



Huge congrats to Paulo and his team! Way to take it the top!


Good hustle and awesome win guys.


Way to stay go Chiara and Josh! Consistent work brings in consistent results you’re proving it!

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We can’t announce all the winners here (there’s too many), make sure to check out the FB group for all the action!




Happy travels for my family & I this summer! Wishing you the best summer for your family as well 🙂


6 figures in 90 days sound familiar? Congrats to Mack Mills, that’s exactly what he just did!


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